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Hatchi Studio | Japan Business Connection

Build Your Business Link to Japan

Would you like to develop your business or sell your products in Japan?

We are a Japanese web marketing agency
and we work for companies who would like to get Japanese visitors to their website.

We help you to grow your business in Japan.



Hatchi Studio has been created by Japanese web marketing specialists.

Our mission is to establish business link between Europe and Japan via web.

What we provide:

◆To bring Japanese visitors to your website by creating Japanese contents on your site

◆To place your Japanese web page on higher position in Japanese search engines

◆To provide communication support in Japanese

◆To analyze and evaluate your existing web page and customize it for Japanese audience


Hatchi means 8 in Japanese and 8 represents good luck in Japan.

If you tilt 8 to 90 degrees, it becomes infinity.

8 and make our goal, eternal development.


Hatchi is the name of a dog who continued his daily routine to come to Shibuya station to look for his owner for 9 years after his death and he is remembered for his remarkable loyalty by many Japanese. We are inspired a kind of attitude we like to establish to each of our clients.


We provide services in optimization of web pages for Japanese search engines.


We provide services in translation and interpretation for business.


We provide communication supports for business in Japanese.